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Licence Checking

As a business, it is part of your duty of care to ensure that all employees who have access to your fleet vehicles have a valid driving licence as this is set out in various legislations. In spite of this, many businesses find the task of manually checking licences as an administrative burden.

To help reduce risk and save you time, we offer a simple, online service that automatically checks your drivers’ licences against the DVLA licence data.

What does Licence Check include?

  • If a driver has passed their test
  • If a driver is currently banned
  • What category of vehicle a driver is entitled to operate?
  • If the driver has any endorsements or undisclosed points on their licence
  • Checks to see if the driver's recorded address matches

Want to find out more?

If licence checking is something you would like for your business, please call us on 01299 407 360.

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