Whole Life cost soultions from MMS FLeet Management

Whole Life Cost Analysis

Helping you to understand the true cost of running and operating your fleet

As a business, we understand that our customers main priority when running and operating a fleet is cost. That’s why we can provide our clients with a full Whole Life Cost analysis, which looks in detail at the true costs that are associated with running and operating a vehicle within a fleet.

What is the benefit?

By using Whole Life Cost analysis, you will be able to select fleet vehicles that have a better fuel consumption and lower tax and national Insurance contributions. Our Whole Life cost analysis looks at the following factors:

  • Combined mpg
  • C02 emissions
  • Monthly rental and total rental cost
  • Company car tax
  • Insurance
  • National Insurance contribution
  • Fuel expenditure
  • Service, maintenance and repair

Want to find out more?

We have dedicated account managers who are on hand to discuss how Whole Life Cost analysis can save your business money. Call us on 01299 407 360.

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